Firefox Experimental Tricks

running multiple simultaneous Profiles and/or Firefox installations

Permanent Variable version

1. Setting the OS environment variable called MOZ_NO_REMOTE.

In Windows 2000 (other versions of Windows the exact path may vary)
Go Into the Control Panel > open System >
click the Advanced tab (of System Properties) >
hit the Environment Variables (button)>
in the System Variables area,
then click the NEW... button,
then type MOZ_NO_REMOTE as the Variable,
and then enter 1 as the Value.

W2K Environment Variables dialog box

2. Modify or create desktop shortcuts that will
start Firefox with a specific ProfileName.

A. If you want to run multiple different versions / installations of Firefox simultaneously, you will need to create a desktop shortcut for each version you have installed, with a separate Profile for each version.
(See - Cloning a Profile - to save yourself a lot of work when creating additional Profiles.)

B. If you want to run one installation of Firefox and be able to use multiple different Profiles simultaneously, you will need to create a desktop shortcut specific to each Profile you want to run.
(See - Cloning a Profile - to save yourself a lot of work when creating additional Profiles.)

These examples may be a little outdated, but the process works the same
in October, 2005 as it did in November, 2004.

A. Here I am using two different versions of Firefox,
each with their own Profile.

The first is a MOOX 3rd party build of the 1.0RC Firefox of 20041108
which uses a Profile I named moox11-08.

1st installation w/Profile A Create a Desktop Shortcut-1st Firefox installation with Profile A

The second uses the official RC from 20041108
which uses a Profile I named 11-10.

2nd installation w/Profile B Create a Desktop Shortcut-2nd Firefox installation with Profile B

B. Another example where I am using the same Firefox
version with 2 different Profiles.

one  installation for ProfileA Create a Desktop Shortcut-A

same installation for ProfileB Create a Desktop Shortcut-B

Please Note:
the-edmeister unofficially tests nightly versions of Firefox, and has run as many as six different versions (with 6 corresponding different Profiles), simultaneously on a W2K PII 350 with 512 RAM, without any problems
(following the basic rules - below).

Recently there have been a few discussions at the MozillaZine Firefox General forum where a few users have mentioned some 'side effects' with this Permanent Variable method. Vectorspace (a MozillaZine General Moderator) and the-edmeister have discussed these issues by PM, and an additional webpage explaining a Batch File version of running multiple simultaneous Profiles has been created by the-edmeister.

Basic Rules for Running multiple Profiles simultaneously using the
Permanent Variable version

1) Do not set any Firefox version (Profile) as the Default Browser.
2) Do not attempt to launch Firefox from an external program, such as an email program, once any version of Firefox is running.
3) Do not attempt to open any additional Firefox windows from a desktop icon, unless the icon is for a shortcut to a Firefox executable that specifies which Profile is to be launched.

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